Plain Screw And Barrel


Plain screw and barrel are widely used in plastic industries. It can be used to process wide range of polymers. Most of plain screw having three zone (Feeding, compression and metering) design. Latest plain screw comes with additional different kind of mixing and shear section to improve processing parameters. Output of plain screw and barrel are mainly depending upon the back pressure & depth of metering zone.

Basic construction raw material of screw and barrel are nitro alloy steel. Gas nitriding surface hardening process is used to improve wear resistance properties of screw and barrel. We can also manufacture screw & barrel from different material upon customer demand.


  • Plastic Packaging industries
  • Pipe, profile extrusion
  • Lamination & coating
  • Sheet & film extrusion
  • Injection moulding
  • Compounding extrusion
  • Blow moulding etc.

RANGE - 16 mm to 250 mm up to 5000 mm length

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